2016 Alagille Syndrome Symposium

An afternoon event for the Alagille Syndrome Symposium held in San Diego’s Mission Valley/Hotel Circle.

Alagille Syndrome is an extremely rare disorder with devastating affects on most of the body’s major organs. Only about 7,900 diagnosed cases exist worldwide and was first described by a medical practitioner in 1975.

DJWestCoast.com was privileged to be a part of this special day! A San Diego DJ Entertainment event where the music was specially designed to give the kids a chance to let loose and unwind!

The Parents had a chance to learn and mingle while DJWestCoast.com provided music so the kids could unwind and be kids! They had fun dancing and playing with a floor full of balloons!

To learn more about Alagille Syndrome visit: https://www.alagille.org/

2016 Alagille Syndrome Symposium

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